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Important Information - Fees

Medicare/DVA information

* If you are referred by your GP under the chronic conditions plan, a brief 1-2 page assessment report is included

  • You are entitled to up to 5 sessions per calendar year of allied health provision if you are being managed under the Chronic Disease Management programme.  At our discretion, we may bulk bill for this service.  

  • Patients must have a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements prepared by their GP, or be residents of a Residential Aged Care Facility who are managed under a multidisciplinary care plan.

  • From 01 October 2019, DVA clients are entitled to 12 sessions per year - a GP referral is required.  No fee is payable by the client.


NDIS Information

  • NDIS self-managing clients can choose any Speech Pathologist you prefer with any advertised fee you are happy to pay. 

  • Plan managers can purchase registered or non-registered services on your behalf but they must make sure that prices paid for supports on behalf of yourself, adhere to the arrangements in the NDIS Price Guide, including price limits (so they can choose any Speech Pathology Service but the price must be within NDIS limits).  

  • We are currently unable to provide services for NDIS agency managed clients, however, we hope to be able to do this in the near future. 

Rural and country clients

We want our services to be affordable for rural clients, particularly our swallowing assessments.  We aim to provide a fair an equitable service to all.  Contact us to find out about any additional mileage costs. You may be surprised at how affordable we are.

Community Aged Care Packages

Rates may be negotiable/vary depending on funding

Private Fees

  • Initial Consultation (60 mins or part thereof) $193.99

  • Assessment (60 mins or part thereof) $193.99

  • Therapy (45 mins) $137.00

  • Full Report/Requested formal report $193.33 per hour (depending on complexity)

  • Brief Summary report of attendance - $85.00

Discounted rates for low-income earners, those without funding, and blocks of sessions may be available at our discretion

Mileage rates for private clients will depend on income and funding​. 

Contact us for mileage rates for rural clients and other areas.


15_622_0128_1_3 (Capacity building - Improved Daily Living )    OR     01_665_0128_1_3 (Core Supports - Assistance with daily life) - (predominantly for health related services)

Valid from 01st July 2020

  • Initial Consultation $193.99 per hour  

  • Assessment $193.99 per hour  

  • Therapy $193.99 per hour  

  • NDIA requested report $193.99 as the hourly rate  

  • Travel time payable up to 30 minutes of time against your appointment in MM1-3 areas and 60 minutes in MM4-5 areas.  Return mileage may be payable if you are the last participant in the day

  • In some instances, an additional 0.85c per kilometre (max 50 kms) may be charged for vehicle maintenance and parking fees.  The code for this is  15_799_0128_1_3 (Capacity building - Improved Daily Living Non-Labour Costs).   Clients should be aware of this charge as many providers charge it, however, we are currently not charging a km based charge at our service

NDIS remote (MM6) - $271.59 per hour  

Up to 60 minutes of time against your appointment, plus return mileage if it is the last appointment in the day

NDIS very remote (MM7) - $290.99 per hour  

Mileage as noted for remote rates

We can let you know what area applies to you



We accept cash, cheque, EFTPOS and bank transfer. We support electronic claiming using ANZ healthcare, for medicare patients.  Presentation of gold and white DVA cards are accepted as payment for those patients.   Private patients are required to pay in full and claim the rebate from their own health funds.   Payment must be made on the day (or before) the booked session.  We also accept clients seeking funding under Return to Work SA programmes - no fee is payable by the client.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations require 2 clear working days notice prior to the booked session.  Cancellations are charged at 100% of the fee. 



We accept medicare and DVA clients and most private health care funds.  There will normally be a gap to pay. 

DVA Health Cards (Gold and White) are accepted as payment upon a GP referral.

The current rebate offered by Medicare is $55.10


For rebates related to your private health care provider, you will need to check if they cover Speech Pathology Services.
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